The range of surface treatments to improve the properties of products increase so dramatically that designers and engineers completely lost their way. The key question: “which coating offers for a specific application the cheapest and best combination of the requested properties (corrosion resistance, wear resistance, appearance, colour, etc.”, is often hard to answer. It is one of the tasks of Mifa Surface Treatment to support companies herein.
Due to sophisticated and unique surface technology in combination with an excellent reputation in the field of technical know-how, high quality and flexible delivery times Mifa Surface Treatment is a solid partner with lots of experience.

We work very closely with our customers and we see even the highest demand as a challenge we’d like to take. Doing this we optimize existing methods and applications as well as develop new treatments and procedures. Of course, we understand that when you are still working on prototypes the last thing you need is a purchasing obligation for large quantities. Mifa makes it possible to purchase small extrusion production runs of just 10 kg.

Our “Technology Management” department plays an important role and is constantly up-to-date with regards to technological developments. Therefore Mifa Surface Treatment is able to act quickly and adequately to future changes.

Technology transfer based on tailor-made workshops and seminars has a great importance to us. Passing our knowledge to our customers builds not a strong relationship but strengthened the market position of both, customer and Mifa Surface Treatment.

If you are interested in what Mifa can offer you, then feel free to contact us.