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Sustainability is top of mind at Mifa Surface Treatment

At Mifa Surface Treatment, we consider the environment extremely important. As a leading aluminium extrusion company, we strive to constantly reduce our ecological footprint. In order to minimise this footprint, we work together with our colleagues on an innovative and sustainable working environment. Would you like to know what sustainability means to Mifa and which steps we take? Then please continue reading below.

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Sustainability at Mifa means that we supply and produce all our business activities in a responsible manner. Mifa takes into account energy consumption, waste management, vitality, safety and health of the employees, among other things.

The consumption of energy for the production of aluminium is high. On the other hand, the raw material has a very long lifespan. According to The International Aluminium Institute, no less than 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use. Combine this with the recycling of the material and it becomes clear that aluminium is a sustainable raw material.

Protecting people and the environment with our new sprinkler system

But at Mifa we look further and continue to develop. Earlier this year, we published a report on the installation of a new sprinkler system in our production halls. This system protects people and the environment in the event of a starting fire. The cooling effect of these sprinklers limits the development of toxic gases. This keeps the fire small in size. This not only limits damage to the environment, but Mifa also creates a safe and accident-free working environment for its employees.

Reducing waste contributes to a green world

Developing a sustainable future requires a new approach in various areas of our business. That is why we started a number of developments to reduce waste at the beginning of this year. For example, Mifa has been using cardboard cups for years. By replacing these with sustainable cups, we not only save on costs, but also avoid wasting material, which is ultimately better for our environment.

Mifa also has its own environmental street. Here, Mifa separates its raw materials, making it ultimately easier to recycle, and we also reduce our energy consumption.

Customers and suppliers prioritise sustainability

Contributing to a better environment also means looking beyond internal developments. We therefore support projects that aim to contribute to a sustainable future. An example of this is the VIRM project of NedTrain (NS). Mifa supplies various aluminium extrusion profiles for the project, which are intended for the modernisation of the NS double-deckers. This modernisation entails that the company will completely strip and rebuild existing double-decker trains. NedTrain chose Mifa because we have all the technologies in house, from surface treatment to machining, which means savings in both costs and energy consumption.

Together we promote sustainable working

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In addition to the developments mentioned above, there are dozens of other measures that Mifa is undertaking. Think, for example, of the stimulation of cycling to work or the use of electronic cars, but also of the creation of diversity within the various (technical) departments. In order to realise all this, everyone within the organisation is involved in the whole process.

In addition, Mifa stimulates working from home wherever possible. Thanks to the possibility of working from home, we are able to ensure that less traffic comes to Mifa, which reduces our C02 emissions, among other things.

Also with the listed company Aalberts, which Mifa is part of and other Aalberts shareholders, we strive for excellence, innovation and performance in a sustainable way, minimising the environmental impact of our industries and promoting corporate integrity.

Together, we are going for a sustainable future.

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