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Mifa Masterclass precision extrusion 2019

Clients such as Philips, B/E Aerospace, Tesla and BAE Systems have already registered previously. Are you curious about the possibilities that precision extrusion has to offer? Subscribe here [email protected]

Masterclass precision extrusion
Bulk production. Standardised work. Inaccurate. These are words that you’ll hear often if you ask engineers for the features of extrusion. But there is another option. Mifa can offer custom-built products and precision, also for straightness, torsion, concentricity, parallelism, surface roughness and fitting. Add to this the outstanding features of aluminium – post-processing is often not needed – and it becomes clear that precision extrusion would be useful for many applications.

The four factors of precision
Precision extrusion is, as the name implies, very precise work. Control of the pressing process, of the flow of aluminium through the mould, is crucial. For this, four factors are important.

  1. Knowledge of the elements of the aluminium alloy. Pressing the desired profile requires a perfect composition of materials.
  2. Not only the temperature of pressing the aluminium is important, but it is also essential that the block of aluminium does not have any temperature variations across its bulk. The temperature after pressing and the cooling process determine the mechanical values.
  3. Pressing speed and pressure should be entered with great precision, depending on complexity, precision and alloy type. A delicate little job – especially with asymmetrical profiles, as it is impossible in that case to supply the same pressure everywhere.
  4. The construction of the mould. The mould should have the right shape and be able to handle the pressure.

What can you expect from a Precision extrusion Masterclass?
We focus on inspiration and knowledge during the Mifa Master classes. We organize this Mifa Master class precision extrusion for engineers and contructeurs to increase your knowledge about the possibilities of aluminium precision extrusion. During the Master class precision extrusion we will discuss various topics like:

  • Freedom of design
  • Dimensional tolerances from ± 0.02 mm
  • a one-stop-shop for precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly

We also lead you around in our factory and show you all our possibilities to produce a fully-finished and complete product.

Aluminium precision extrusion profiles are used in many different industries and in many different markets! Find out here for which markets Mifa works: https://mifa.eu/en/markets

Mifa Masterclasses Precision extrusion in 2019:

Interested in hosting a Mifa Masterclass at your location or in English language? You can register for the Mifa Masterclass by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by telephoning Frank Loobeek on +31 (0)77-389 88 88.