COVID-19 Update

Mifa is still able to produce and supply at full force. Our supply of raw materials is not endangered and we have sufficiently stock thanks to our proactive purchasing policy and have our dedicated staff available to work on your orders. Therefore, we do not foresee any problems at this moment.

AHC Benelux becomes Mifa Surface Treatment

On 1 June 2019, AHC Benelux B.V. Venlo will formally merge with Mifa Aluminium BV. The new name under which we will continue our operations is Mifa Surface Treatment. Together with Mifa, we are eager to realize our ambitious growth plans.

Expansion of Mifa capacity

During the past five years, Mifa has seen extraordinary growth. An increasing number of companies are discovering the possibilities of precision extrusion and the corresponding techniques and technology that Mifa has to offer, including CNC milling (until 6,500 millimetres), CNC bending, surface treatments, and assembly.

Mifa Masterclass precision extrusion 2019

Clients such as Philips, B/E Aerospace, Tesla and BAE Systems have already registered previously. Are you curious about the possibilities that precision extrusion has to offer?

Mifa main sponsor of VVV-Venlo eSports

Mifa is official sponsor of a special item of the Dutch soccer club VVV-Venlo. The eSports division team of VVV-Venlo, with Nick and Sandro Cooiman. Mifa is a high-tech company.