Coating for Magnesium Alloys

MAGOXID-COAT® is a plasma chemical surface treatment for improving magnesium alloys. The coating is applied in an electrolytic salt solution. Here, the workpiece is connected to an external power source as an anode. In the process of anodising, an oxygen plasma discharges on the workpiece surface, melts the surface for a short time and creates two ceramic oxide layers that are firmly connected to the outer metal layer. After this, a barrier layer about 100 nm thick provides the connection to the magnesium workpiece. This is followed by a low porosity and pore-rich oxide ceramic.

MAGOXID-COAT® the ideal protective layer against wear and corrosion

MAGOXID-COAT® protects the magnesium from wear and corrosion. A variant of the MAGOXID-COAT® coating is MAGOXID-COAT® black. This coating contains light-resistant, chemically inert spinelles, for example magnesium-aluminium oxide minerals, and is suitable for treating almost all magnesium alloys.

The MAGOXID-COAT® layer is a crystalline oxide ceramic with a high percentage of highly resistant compounds such as spinelles, for example MgAl2O4. Thus, the plasma-chemical process creates ceramic layers that meet further requirements such as hardness, contour loyalty, bending strength, dimensional accuracy or temperature stress in addition to wear resistance and corrosion protection oxide.

Corrosion resistance

SystemCorrosion resistance (in hours)
MAGOXID-COAT® + water glass250-300
MAGOXID-COAT® + Silan430-600
MAGOXID-COAT® + EP-Powdercoat750-1.000
MAGOXID-COAT® + Silan + EP-Powdercoat> 1.000

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