HART-COAT® (hard anodizing)

Increased hardness and wear resistance

“HART-COAT® is a coating developed especially for the functional improvement of aluminium materials (Hard anodising). Coating takes place in a cooled acid electrolyte. In this case the workpiece is connected in series as an anode and oxidised in the course of the treatment. As a result of the oxidation the surface of the treated workpiece changes into a ceramic-like layer. This aluminium oxide layer is composed mainly of amorphous y-aluminium oxide, it takes the shape of regular cells vertical to the workpiece surface, encases the workpiece and protects the workpiece against wear and corrosion.

HART-COAT® is a functional aluminium coating, generally known under the term hard anodising. The properties of the HART-COAT® layer can be adapted to the type of material being treated by means of variable process parameters according to the specific requirements.

> Wear resistance and hardness: the great wear resistance is due to the hardness and morphology of the aluminium oxide, which is alloy-dependent. The hardness that can be achieved by the HART-COAT®layer depends on the composition and structure of the base material and it varies between 400 and 500 HV 0.025.
> Heat conductivity: the heat conductivity amounts to about 1/10 to 1/30 of the heat conductivity of the base material.
> Temperature resistance: HART-COAT® layers can resist for short spans of time to temperature peaks of up to 2,200 K.
> Electrical resistivity: The electrical resistivity amounts to 4×1015 Ω cm at 20°C, 0.8×1015 Ω cm at 100°C and 0.11×1015 Ωcm at 200°C.
> Electric strength: The electric strength is alloy-dependent and it increases with the layer’s thickness but not proportionally. The arithmetical mean value of 10 single measurements according to ISO 2376 amounts to 914 V with 30 μm of HC on AlMgSi1 and 1213 V with 50 μm of HC on AlMgSi1.
> Colour: The colours with HART-COAT® range from grey-brown to black, with HC-CU from greenish grey to dark grey and with HC-GL layers from golden yellow to greyish yellow.

(All technical values published here are subject to the test conditions specified. We therefore empasise that the applications and operating conditions, along with the end user’s practical experience, will ultimately determine the level of performance achieved by the coating and/or coating system.)

Layer properties

Max. layer thickness
up to 100 µm, depending on the alloy
Corrosion resistance
“max. 2.000 hours salt spray test according to
DIN ESS 50021”
up to 500 HV 0,25, depending on the alloy
Wear resistance
42 mg Taber Abraser (sealed)
General Specification
MIL-A-8625F Type III

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