HART-COAT® (hard anodizing)

Increased hardness and wear resistance

HART-COAT®, abbreviated HC, is a hard electrolytic oxidation layer that protects aluminium alloys against wear and corrosion. This surface treatment,  generally known under the term hard anodisin,  is essentially intended to:

  1. To improve the properties of a wide variety of parts;
  2. To upgrade and/or optimise visual aspects.

Functioning of hard anodising

HART-COAT® layers are formed by anodic oxidation in a cooled acid electrolyte of special composition. With the help of electric current, the base material on the surface is transformed into a protected and versatile functional aluminium oxide layer. This layer has a much lower pore density than the protective layers formed by conventional anodising processes, while at the same time the pores have a smaller diameter.

Half of the oxide layer is built up, the rest penetrates the aluminium. It is important to think about hard anodising during the design phase. Our experienced professionals will be happy to advise you on hard anodising and the effect of HART-COAT®.

Alloy determines the colour with hard anodising

Practically all technically interesting aluminium alloys for forging, casting and spraying can be treated with HART-COAT®. However, the alloy is a decisive factor when it comes to the colour of the anodised part. An alloy from the 3000 series colours grey and a 7000 alloy colours gold.

Our hard anodising coating HART-COAT® is distinguished by its high wear resistance, excellent corrosion protection and hardness. Furthermore, the coating has high thermal and electrical insulation values and excellent dimensional stability.

Layer properties

Max. layer thickness
up to 100 µm, depending on the alloy
Corrosion resistance
“max. 2.000 hours salt spray test according to
DIN ESS 50021”
up to 500 HV 0,25, depending on the alloy
Wear resistance
42 mg Taber Abraser (sealed)
General Specification
MIL-A-8625F Type III

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