Reduction of the Slip-Stick Effect

Anodic treatment with reduced roughness. GLISSCOAT® 2083 is a hard anodizing-like layer with a markedly lower roughness.

The coating was originally developed to eleminate the slip-stick effect on demping tubes for motorcycles but it is now also used in mechanical and pneumatic equipment.

By a post-treatment with fluoropolymers is not only possible to reduced the roughness further but also to increases the corrosion resistance. Black dye is an available option for GLISSCOAT® 2083.

Mifa Surface Treatment is part of Mifa

Mifa produces complete aluminium extrusion profiles with tolerances from ± 0.02 mm. Precision extrusion gives designers enormous freedom of shape, without the restrictions of standard norms. This allows you to realise the optimal product.

Mifa Surface Treatment has fully automated production lines. We are able to provide our customers with technological support and can take care of entire surface treatments. We provide mechanical, electrochemical, and galvanic surface treatments. We can also supply polymer layers based on dip coating, spray coating, and powder coating processes, as well as priming and wet painting. It is unique for a company to have all this under one roof, and we are proud of that fact.

Sustainability is a priority

The environment is extremely important to Mifa Surface Treatment. In addition to our ISO 14001 certificate, we have launched a number of campaigns to significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

It is often thought that aluminium extrusion companies are not sustainable because a lot of energy is needed to produce aluminium. However, aluminium lasts for many decades and 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use – according to the International Aluminium Institute. The long lifespan in combination with its recycling potential makes aluminium durable.

However, as a leading aluminium company, our vision extends beyond this. We have our own recycling street. We separate raw materials so that they are easier to recycle. We also focus on reducing energy consumption in our production halls.

Read more about sustainability at Mifa Surface Treatment here.

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