Mifa Surface Treatment certified according to EN / AS 9100D

Surface treatment for the Aerospace Industry

Quality management systems according to EN / AS 9100D getting more and more important in aerospace industry. All according to EN / AS 9100D certified companies are listed in the OASIS database (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System). This list is now increasingly seen as a prerequisite in order to be admitted as a supplier for the aerospace industry.

Mifa Surface Treatment in Venlo has now successfully completed the audit for certification according to EN / AS 9100ff. This opens MST further opportunities for coating components for the civil- or defense related aerospace industry.

Mifa Surface Treatment is specialized in the surface treatment of aluminum components by hard anodizing (HART-COAT®), anodizing, as well as the chrome free passivation Surtec 650. Ferrous metals are electroless nickel-plated (DURNI-COAT®). Not to mentioned the whole range of lubricant coatings, so-called polymer layers to reduce, among others friction and wear.

The plant in Eindhoven completes the offer with surface treatments such as gold, silver, nickel / tin, electroless nickel on aluminum and titanium.

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